Boob Tube Begone! Welcome Freedom-Loving 21st Century

After throwing away the boob tube, modern Russian WWII movies started to appear on the flat screen via the Web and Google chromecast. I guess the mind-body got fed up with traditional mass media. Hollywood likes to dwell in such teeny-tiny cramped quarters.

So (ham hamsaha ... I in U, U in Me) let's just say it was a welcome change 4 the little addict 2c wwii all over again as if for the first time. ... and just to dispel any concerns regarding foreign language flicks, which the little rational mind may be stirring up, you can listen to Mozart while watching and have no problems following along. Great cinematography/acting ties everything in so well with no need to hear inane dialog ... words, when something much more profound is occurring. Truly. Scripts typically add unnecessary drama that drags everything down to the neurotic rational mind's perspective. And WWII already is a pretty drama-packed theme, showing that other side of WWII the West really, bluntly, ignored ... which is a pretty large feat, considering that is where the biggest battles and most loss of life and treasure occurred of this most epic time. Words cannot describe. Credit long past due, too. ... and really no propaganda other than at times teetering cornball innocence ... basically, just the silent majority coping with experiences that tried wo/men's souls. But in a refreshingly real way 4 awareness to get lost in. And commercial free! So-ham-watch-hamsaha while inhaling-exhaling a yoga mantra • if u want.

Just install chromecast fob to your flat screen tv-dumb-terminal thingy and go to YouTube on your pc or mobile. ... mystical-ly it gets done. Have belief. Believe what I am saying. For $35 ... and no more uverse-comcast crap! Whew! Mind body just had an outer body experience · Blissful love · It will blissfully b4u2. And I haven't even gotten to many other great undefined-genre sources overflowing with ..... . From there the world is open 2u. Just type key search words and pick from the result list of free movies -- Don't bother with anything that cost money. That will be the Hollywood crap you've been trying to avoid all your life. ... Deep down u always knew there was something better ... more alive!

Be aware also YouTube is just 1 web application of an infinitely growing commune-ity of great Web apps. This article is just a spring board into your own freedomLoving perspective. Just look for the chromecast icon/button (see image below). If the place on the Web has that, you are good to go. You just select it and casting (transmitting) occurs from your device to your flat screen. With the YouTube app, you can queue up a whole whatever worth and let it run one movie after another. You can make playlists and play those special ones, say, "russian wwii movies", when you are in the mood for that type genre.

So, take charge. Be proactive. Mash it up. A killer application you will be! Remember. If you don't take control -- the machine will take control of u ... i.e. content-driven tv telling u what u will watch when u will watch ... and that would be another way of allowing others to control ... hmmm ... add The Matrix to ur movie queue list. Middleman #66, begone! Thank you, Web.

Google Casting Modern Russian WWII Movie

Google Casting Modern Russian WWII Movie - Look for Chromecast Icon Outside of YouTube

Some Favorites - WWII & Other Genres

  • Брестская крепость - story around one of the many towns attacked by the German Nazis
  • В окружении - Memoirs of a Tank Crewman
  • Хит года Затерянный в Сибири - Lost in Siberia - captured German soldier escapes Russian gulags - eskimo girl!
  • Иди и смотри 2 серия - perspective of a Russian saboteur hack
  • Случай в тайге. (1953). Полная версия - not WWII but absolutely beautiful country woodland backdrop scenery
  • Once upon a time in Tibet - Tibetan Movie - 4 the ladies - beautiful Tibetan landscapes, very nice story 2 w/subtitles
  • The Deluge (1974) - authentic 17th Century historic battle time between Polish-Lithuania & Sweden
  • So-ham-watch-hamsaha • while inhaling-exhaling a yoga mantra • stay there!