Boob Tube Begone! Welcome Freedom-Loving 21st Century

After throwing away the boob tube, modern Russian WWII movies started to appear on the flat screen via the Web and Google chromecast. I guess the mind-body got fed up with traditional mass media. Hollywood likes to dwell in such teeny-tiny cramped quarters.

Web Services and WCF Tutorial


The solution and projects used in this tutorial were created in C# using Visual Studio Express 2013 for Windows Desktop, and should be used for best results, or if one is familiar with the nuances between the different versions and their tools and templates. Be sure to launch VS.NET with Administrative rights. This will be required later to register HTTP addresses on your localhost for listening.

Generate Machine Keys Using IIS

When deploying an ASP.NET Web Application on a server that is part of a server farm, “Validation of viewstate MAC failed” errors can occur. To prevent this, IIS 7.5 provides a generate Machine Key feature to handle properly the view state application service.

10 Easy Steps to Updating Drupal

The following are 10 easy steps to updating Drupal. You need administrative rights to your Drupal website in order to complete these steps:

Installing Apache, MySQL and PHP on Windows Running IIS

Below are 5 easy steps to installing and testing the Apache Web server, MySQL database and the PHP programming language on a Windows machine currently running IIS—and want to keep IIS working!

The Bigger Question Never Asked in Apple’s Celebrity Photo Hack Scandal

Several weeks ago, personal nude photographs of 100 celebrities were released by hackers onto the Internet for everyone to see. The hackers were able to get the photos mainly through Apple’s weak question/answer security system. But from all the discussion conducted through our dysfunctional media, the most important question was not asked: How did these photographs get on the Internet (Apple’s cloud) in the first place?

Samsung Galaxy Note II—Best Smartphone in the World and Game Changer

Before some iPhone owners run off in objection to the article’s title, let me first say I've owned three iPhones and was one of Apple’s biggest supporters. But after 4 years, the thrill has gone. For starters, the screen was too tiny albeit Apple finally increased it by a mild half inch; and, although the software was interesting, it was not robust enough for me.

Dawning of a New Era, Revolution and the Internet

Money has no intrinsic value. As we enter this new age brought on by the Internet, our conditioned mind is now being confronted by this new paradigm as we reinvent new ways of doing business and move through life.

ASP.NET Profile Provider

In general, the Profile provider is used to save and retrieve user data (including anonymous user data) to and from the aspnet_Profile table (part of the existing aspnetdb database). This information tracks the logged on user or anonymous user and can save several defined pieces of data while modifying this data as the user navigates through the Website.

ASP.NET Gridview Paging/Sorting

When the user selects a page index displayed in a GridView (represented as a number either in the GridView’s header, footer or both), the “SortDataTable” function (described below) is called to handle the paging or displaying of the next set of records. In this example, 10 records are displayed at one time in the GridView.


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